Six-Step Process

Simplure's Patented Six-Step Process

Power Bill Examination

Our experts take a deep dive into your power bill suing over 50 factors to pin point exactly where your money is going. A power bill examination helps us know to what extent our technology will likely help you.

Simplure On-Site Metering

With a Firm understanding of your power bill we are ready to more accurately determine the quality of your Power. Using our patented Electrylitics Meter we can determine the needs of your facility.

Facility Data Analysis

Armed with information Our experts, a master electrician, and your management team isolate and fix factors contributing to poor power quality.

Cost/Benefit Presentation

We take the opportunity to show the positive effects of our facility analysis. After the report we detail projected savings that can be obtained through use of our patented metering and Harmonic Filtration system and give you a chance to accept or reject the project.

Engineering and Installation

After receiving the go ahead, we install our patented meter and harmonic filtration system, so you can watch the savings materialize.

Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization

Our services do not end there. Our experts watch the power quality of your system using our proprietary dashboard. In a monthly meeting the expert details where you are saving and what changes can yield even greater savings.

Get Started Today

Upload your power bill to us and we can start the process to better energy efficiency and savings.