Simplure Energy

Simplure offers state of the art technology and services that allow you to save money and track those savings through our patented ElectryLitics real time meter and harmonic filter.

Simplure In Action

The Simplure system works quite simply. After installation, our filter reduces harmonic distortion increasing efficiency.  Our real-time metering takes data from your system allowing both you and us to track savings and power quality (refer to diagram below).

Simplure hardware requires no change to your electrical system. Installation will occur during off hours to avoid unnecessary disruption.

You Will Save...

  • 100% of your power factor penalty.
  • 5% - 25% of your demand charge.
  • 3% - %% of your Kilowatt hour charge.
  • A portion of your sales, use, and franchise taxes.

You Will See...

  • decreased equipment maintenance costs.
  • 5% - 25% increase in facility electrical system capacity.


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