Harmonic Filtration

What is Harmonic Filtration?

Patented Harmonic Filtration

Any electrical system consists of many parts. Electronics like computers (and almost all electronics contain computers) create non-linear loads. Non-Linear loads create harmonics or distortion in your energy.


Clean energy without harmonics.

Filtering Harmonics

Peak Efficiency

Electronic disturbances in the energy create harmonics like this.

Imagine skiing without the good powder on the top. In that same vein when you add harmonics you cut the best energy off the top. Engineers are smart (go figure) and create technology meant to use the highest quality energy. When harmonics are present in a facilities system, high quality power does not make it to the machine and then causes malfunctions.

In addition, to these negative effects. Harmonics cause your system to run inefficient and cause you to pay high energy bills.

Our patented Harmonic Filter “cleans” the harmonic distortions allowing your system to run at peak efficiency. Simplure’s Harmonic Filter will reduce downtime, machinery burnout and cost of power.

Peak Efficiency

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