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Our Green Energy Solutions

Solar, wind, geothermal, or hydro-power may be the green energy of the future, but they have yet to replace the carbon-based energy of the past. All are built on potential and require massive changes in infrastructure. So, what can companies do to positively reduce their carbon footprint as they wait for infrastructure to change? The International Energy Agency states that decreasing demand is the best way to consume energy at an efficient level. Consequently, such changes are the most effective way to currently reduce carbon production. The big question becomes how can you decrease demand?

Reducing Demand

There are two typical ways to decrease demand:

  1. Reduce your production. (this is often not an option for companies trying to turn a profit)
  2. Make structural changes to current infrastructure within the plant.

Simplure offers a third option:

  1.  Install the Simplure CleanPQ™ system.

Increasing Power Quality

Simplure uses a proprietary methodology derived in part from observing and understanding the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. The net results of the Simplure solution include: increased energy efficiency, reduced waste, decreased electrical bill costs , and prolonged equipment life. Consequently, Simplure’s energy solutions will  save you:

  • 100% of your power factor penalty.
  • 5%-25% of your demand charge.
  • 3%-5% of your Kilowatt hour charge.
  • A portion of your sales, use, and franchise taxes.
  • Equipment maintenance cost.
  • 5%-25% increase in facility electrical system capacity.

As a result of the  5-25% change in demand your carbon footprint will decrease, helping you conserve precious resources while saving you money. As mentioned above, prolonged equipment life and reduced waste also serve as  byproducts of the CleanPQ™ System. When you total the full effect, not only are you saving money but you are also reducing waste of raw materiel, landfill usage and total carbon emissions. Simplure solutions will provide a great impact even as industry transitions to  green energy solutions by driving energy efficiency.

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