Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

What is a Electrical Forensic Analysis?

A Forensic Analysis of an electrical system is the process of studying your electrical system to find possible disturbances that effect efficiency in the system. These disturbances can cause increased costs in electricity, increases in down time, and potential damage to the facility and machinery.

Our Approach

Multi-Step Analysis

Simplure's Forensic Analysis is a two part evaluation. We first evaluate your power bill and determine how much energy you consume, how that energy is being handled, and we quote recommendations for potential savings.
The next part of the evaluation is a facility review. This is a wholistic overview of your electrical system and all moving parts that may be contributing to the cost of electricity. As part of the facility review our team, a local electrician and your personnel locate and address as many electrical issues as possible. At the end of the forensic deep dive we can together determine the need for our patented Harmonic Filter and accompanying monitoring service.


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