About Us

We Are Simplure

Simplure provides energy solutions which increase electrical efficiency. After applying our patented technology and services, companies typically save 20% of their electricity bill. The process does not stop there. Using our patented ElectriLytics real time monitoring we can identify anomalies within an electrical system. Monitoring the system’s power quality (cleanliness and efficiency of the electricity) allows us to help you prevent downtime and equipment burn out. Our services are meant to facilitate continued optimization that doesn’t stop after the initial installation.


The Beginning

In 2008 Simplure LLC was formed. The company began with simple assumption that electricity flows through individual circuit boards in a similar nature to a factory. By taking a full system approach rather than focusing on one machine at a time, Simplure devised a system to improve power quality and reduce harmonic distortion for large energy consumers. Simplure’s founding engineers created an unrivaled product and service able to address common electric problems in a cost-efficient manner.

Next Steps

Today Simplure offers its services on a national level. Send in your most recent power bill for a free savings analysis to begin saving as soon as possible.